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Extreme Dimension Newsletter - February 2013



MESSAGE FROM CHARLIE RICCI - Cofounder/Owner of Altus Brands

I just returned from the SHOT Show in Vegas. What a show! This year we showed off some of our new products, such as the Sniper Seat 360 and the Benchmaster Weapon RAC and we received a tremendous response! We are very excited to be bringing these innovative new products to market and can't wait for you to try them out!

More Exciting News From Altus Brands!
One of bowhunting's iconic brands, Kwikee Kwiver was recently acquired by Altus Brands, and also introduced some new products, including this 5-arrow quiver that can be adjusted up or down to ensure better balance and arrow protection. - See more here.

As always, this newsletter is being sent from my personal email, so feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have. Have a great tip or technique? Send them my way and we may incorporate them into one of our upcoming newletters. I look forward to hearing from you.

Good hunting!


Predator Calling

Top Tips For Calling Coyotes - by Mark Kayser,

Coyote-calling experts claim it's all about variety. These top tools and techniques bring coyotes running.

Author Mark Kayser used confidence howls and prey-in-distress calls on his Johnny Stewart Preymaster Digital Caller to take this coyote. Photo courtesy of Mark Kayser.

I didn't think it could get any colder.

I was wrong.

When the sun dipped behind the horizon, the single-digit temperature plummeted to below zero. I had already been on this coyote stand for more than 20 minutes with nothing to show but possible frostbite. Instead of pulling the plug, I decided to finish my shivering fun with one more lonesome howl. Maybe a lonely coyote was looking for someone to cuddle with for warmth.

A few minutes later, adrenaline shot through my veins with the sight of a coyote loping, not walking, my way. The coyote was on a mission to find the creator of the howl, and I adjusted appropriately for the shot. When the coyote stopped at 100 yards to scan the snow-covered landscape for a canine companion, I ended the courtship early with a Black Hills Ammunition load from my .223.

Why did that final howl seal the deal? Throughout most of the setup I had used a prey-in-distress call like most predator hunters. I had deducted that with the cold evening ahead any coyote would be more than happy to put a distressed rodent out of its misery. Maybe, just maybe, this coyote had heard the distress call before and was questioning its authenticity.

The coyote howl may have bolstered the coyote's confidence and provided the final tease to lure the coyote into shooting range. Or maybe I just got lucky.

If you want to get lucky more often, you need to re-formulate your coyote calling strategies to fool call-shy coyotes. Fortunately, that's easier than ever before with the wide variety of mouth-blown and digital callers on the market today. If you want to call in more coyotes, different is better.


Flip open any predator hunting manual or book and you'll undoubtedly see the phrase, "Call for 15 minutes and if nothing responds, move to a new site."

In the early years of predator calling, that may have been the case. It might still be the case today if you have the key to expansive land holdings where nobody else has permission to call or if you get out early before prime-time winter calling.

It's not the case if you have to compete with everyone else on limited public land or decide to go coyote hunting during the flurry of weekend warriors and calling contests. More often than not you'll be dealing with educated, paranoid coyotes.

They take longer to come to a call, and they approach a calling site with more caution.

Gerald Stewart, son of the late Johnny Stewart, a pioneer in the world of animal calling, has spent hours perfecting game calls with his father and on his own. Today, Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls is a respected leader in the game-calling market with an emphasis on predators.

Stewart knows that the popularity of the sport has skyrocketed, and with popularity comes pressure. Stewart's advice to find success in pressured areas is to extend your time spent on stand.

"More and more dogs are becoming call-shy or call-educated," said Stewart. "Call for maybe eight to 15 minutes, and then sit another 15 minutes."

Coyote hunters have a lot more digital and mouth-blown calls available now-adays from companies like Primos and Knight & Hale. Photo by Mark Kayser. Stewart recalled an incident where he met a hunter from the East who walked abandoned railroad lines and would make two or three stands before returning to his truck. It finally dawned on the hunter that about 30 to 40 percent of the time he was cutting fresh coyote tracks on the way out. The coyotes were arriving after he had left. He stayed longer on his stands and his success increased.

I had a similar experience while calling coyotes in South Dakota. I had the good fortune to call with several seasoned veterans who promoted the 15-minute call setup. They had access to abundant property, whereas I was limited to a couple of small tracts. If they didn't get a coyote to come in, they just simply moved to a morecoyote-rich site.

I, on the other hand, was married to my little piece of ground. One evening in frustration, I decided to stay until I couldn't see any longer. I quit calling approximately 25 minutes into the setup, and at 45 minutes with barely minutes of shooting light left, a coyote arrived. I shot that coyote moments later. From then on, I extended how long I sat on any setup, in good country or not.

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