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Johnny Weaver, a hunter from NY, called and asked me to guide him for moose hunting in Maine. I scouted an area in the Rangeley Lakes region and did some pre-hunt calling using the Extreme Dimension Phantom moose module near our campsite, three days before the opener. Opening morning, October 10, 2005, we set up on one of these calling locations and immediately had a small bull come in. Throughout the course of the hunt, we called in at least three different bulls each morning. My hunter and his two friends were amazed at effectiveness of the Extreme Dimension call. Several times I was able to call bulls back that were heading away from our position. By playing the bull calls real soft from a remote location, I was able to turn and position the bulls after they came in to our blind.

Thank you for a great product. I'll be using your other modules for all of my hunting on future trips.

William Clunie, Master Maine Guide

Well what can I say other then WOW!!!

As an avid Varmint hunter for many years using hand calls. I have to admit; this digital call that I just purchased is one of the best investments I have ever made towards my enjoyment of varmint hunting.

First time out on and first set, I had a nice dark coyote come in from 350-400 yards and with that calling session I brought her to within 80 yards and fact is, that's a bit close for me.

All I can say is THANK YOU AGAIN EXTREME DIMENSION for making a truly good call and for posting my picture of last years buck and for posting this one. It was again my first day out hunting only this year it was with a bow. At 5 pm I called in not 1, not 2, but 3 buck! 3 BUCKS came running in to the same series of calls I used last year; social rattle very low on the volume and a little social grunting. After 1 hr of this call series every 15 minutes, they came in running down one side of the ridge and up the other side where good ole me and the Phantom Pro-Series wireless remote had set up shop for the hunt. I could not believe my hunting eyes after so many years of hunting this wonderful animal that there stood 3 of the best Maine bucks I have ever seen all together. I set my sights on this 8 point 186 (dressed) beauty and let her fly and it was the best shot of my hunting life. I could go on and on about how much I love this call but I think this picture and the bucks I have shot in just 2 years of using the Phantom Pro-Series will tell you I don't go in the woods without it. Mike Tarbox, Hollis Maine

My brother Jim Wambolt, Mike & I where looking down a power line and we spotted a bull. It was about 900 yards away so we cut across the power line to get to the edge of the trees. We started working our way toward the moose. When we thought we were close enough we found three stumps sticking up out of the tall bushes. We each took a stump. I switched on my Phantom call with the moose module. I thought I would start out with a soft Estrus Cow call. We waited about 15 minutes and I looked at Jim, and saw his face light up. He points toward Mike, and the moose was right in front of him. Mike could not see the moose yet though. Jim whispers to me, he's walking away and to hit the call again. Jim and I watch as Mike raises his Browning 308 and fires. A couple of seconds later I here the moose crash to the ground. He only went about 30yds. I asked my brother if he thought the call helped. He said he could see the moose responding the whole time I was calling. He saw the call turn the moose and bring him back so Mike could get a shot.

With all the gadgets we buy as hunters it's great when we get one that really works. Thanks for a great product

Yours Truly,
Brad Wambolt, Master Maine Guide.

Maine's 2005 moose season opens and what an awful day, rain in buckets, wind like a hurricane. But we decide to give it a go anyway. Our daughter Danielle has drawn a bull tag for week one in Zone 3. We hunted, we walked, we called, and all we see is cows. After 4 days of this we are pretty discouraged. All the other hunters we see have all seen big bulls. So we keep the faith and continue to hunt the area where we know the bulls are located. Finally Friday morning we hit an old clear cut and try calling with no response, we move to a new location just down the road and a hunter tells us a bull has just crossed in front of his truck.

We attempt to cut off the bull and there is no bull around. So we dig out the Phantom Pro-Series call and give it a blast. It doesn't take but one call and he answers and he is close. We can hear him coming and he is coming fast. We give one more burp and he responds again and he is on top of us. His nose comes thru the bushes and he is smelling for the cow. With the volume turned down we give a call and he is fully exposed, only 35 yards from the shooters: my daughter and my wife the subpermittee. My wife shoots and hits him. The moose moves away from us and one more soft call stops him. He turns broadside and my daughter drops him in his tracks. 634lbs 30" rack. What an experience.

What a product with so many features that really work. Thanks Guys, it was a great season.

Pat, Tracy and Danielle Long

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